The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller

I´m done. I can´t take anymore of this:


"This, out of all of it, was perhaps the strangest: that he was their commander now. He would be expected to know them all, their names and armor and stories. He no longer belongs to me alone."


"Peleus stood at the shore´s edge, one hand raised in farewell. True to his word, Achilles had not told him of the prophecy, merely hugged him tightly, as if to soak the old man into his skin. I had embraced him too, those thin, wiry limbs. I thought, This is what Achilles will feel like when he is old. And then I remember: he will never be old."


"I handed him bits of leather and metal as he gestured for them, coverings for his upper thighs, his arms, his belly. I watched him strap these things on, one by one, saw the stiff leather dig into his soft flesh, skin that only last night I had traced with my finger."


God, I´m bored. Reading the Illiad at the same time as this book just shows how mediocre The Song of Achilles actually is. Don´t get me wrong, Madeline Miller has put a tremendous effort into researching the myth and she stays very true to the Illiad. The thing I can´t get over with is the fact that her main focus lies on the awful romance between Achilles and Patroclus. 


I´ve read 61% of the book and even though I haven´t finished this book I will give it a one star rating. And now I will go back reading Homer.