Ilias - Homer, Karl Ferdinand Lempp

What can I possibly say about The Iliad that hasn´t been said by a whole bunch of other people before? It´s one of the great classics, an epic story about war, love, loyalties and heroics. All the emotions a human being can encounter in life are present in this work. And it´s so dramatic, the heroes and gods being either petty and childisch, brave and fearsome or simply being totally bonkers. It´s so much fun to read (I especially loved the Paris bashing episodes).


I absolutely loved The Iliad, it made its way into my "favorite books of all time" list and I can´t wait to read The Odyssey. Thankfully the German translator of the Iliad, Karl Ferdinand Lempp, has translated The Odyssey as well, so I´m sure I will be in for treat (the German prose translation has been excellent. I highly recommend it if you are capable of reading the German language).