The Moving Finger - Agatha Christie

The small town of Lymstock gets terrorized by a person, who sends out poison pen letters to the inhabitants of the village. At first the villagers consider the letters to be of no importance, but this changes when one of the recipients of the letters dies.


I neither loved The Moving Finger nor did I dislike it. Overall it was an okay read, with a plot that won´t make a lasting impression on me.


I liked the gossipy nature of the small town setting and the poison pen letter plot and I enjoyed the brother-sister relationsship between Jerry and Joanna. I could have done without the romance plot, which wasn´t a very convincing one. Overall I don´t think that Christie is good at writing romances, which makes me want to pick up one of her romance novels in the near future. Just to see if my assessment is right.


My biggest complain about this book is that it is called a Miss Marple novel, even though Miss Marple only makes an appearance in about 10 pages of the novel. Of course, during this short amount of the time she is responsibly for solving the case and all the other characters (especially the police officers) are apparently too stupid to solve the crime themselves. I know, I know, that´s the way Miss Marple operates, but in this book it bugged me a lot.


I´ve read this book for the "Terror in a small town" square for the halloween bingo and since the person, who writes the letters, is wreaking havoc in the Lymstock, it´s a perfect fit for that square.