Affinity - Sarah Waters

After the death of her father and an episode of severe depression, Margaret Prior becomes a lady visitor in the Millbank prison. Here she encounters Selina Dawes, a spiritual medium, who claims to speak to the dead. A woman, who Margaret can´t resist to become infatuated with.


This was a great read. Out of the four Sarah Waters novels I have read so far, this is the one I liked the best. Which is odd, because this is the gloomiest and darkest of them all. The prison setting with its oppressiveness made this an exceptional dark and gothic read and the plot was riveting and kept me glued to the pages. As for the ending:


About a halfway through the novel I suspected what was going to happen. Knowing this didn´t take anything away from my enjoyment reading this novel. It was a whole lot of fun to watch the disaster unfold (I didn´t have a lot of sympathies for the main characters to begin with).

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I was hesitant picking this novel up because I have heard that Affinity is the least favorite book of many Sarah Waters readers. Which makes me even more happy that I happened to like it.