High Rising - Angela Thirkell

After finishing Chernobyl Prayer I needed something lighthearted and fun to read and High Rising was the perfect choice. Set in a British small town, a group of its residents come together to prevent an "unsuitable" marriage, which might possibly rupture the peaceful country life of Low and High Rising.


The plot is predictable, it´s not laugh-out-loud funny (I guess some of the humour goes right over my head) and the characters are stereotypical and doesn´t have much depth to them. Except for Tony maybe, the main characters son, he is the most obnoxious child I have ever read about. Think of the word annoying to the tenth degree and you might imagine just how annoying Tony is. Plus he creeped me out at times. And I have a soft spot for Laura Morland, said main character, who has the most unruly hair and who has the most endearing way to brush off a marriage proposal.


But it still was a fun read and overall I enjoyed this novel, but I´m not in a rush to read the next one in the series. 


Book themes for Thanksgiving Day: Books with a theme of coming together to help a community or family in need. –OR– Books with a turkey or pumpkin on the cover.