I See You - Clare Mackintosh

Zoe Walker sees an advert with her photograph in the paper of the London tube. Who has put it there and why is the next day a picture of another women in the same advert? After the brutal death of a woman, whose picture has been in the advert as well, Zoe contacts the police to unravel the mystery behind these strange occurences.


The premise of I See You was so interesting and just the thought of getting stalked by men during your commute was deeply unsettling. And I really enjoyed the story up to a certain point, even though I didn´t particularly like the main character Zoe, who was too whiney for my taste.


But then the last 80 pages happened, which included two story twists. The first twist I could have tolerated, despite it being an unrealistic one. But then, literally on the last page, there is another twist, which in a way ruined the book for me.

I get it why Clare Mackintosh has done this, she wants to give the reader (especially the female ones) something to think about after having finished the book. I understand her reasoning behind it. But I would have preferred a sense of closure with this novel and not another shocking revelation on top of a perfectly fine ending. I´m not afraid to admit that I have developed a certain kind of twist-fatigue with regards to psychological thrillers.


I See You isn´t by any means a bad book and it is a page turning read, but I can´t help it: I´m slightly disappointed by it.