The Night Watch - Sarah Waters

I´m one of those readers that needs a plot and I tend to struggle with character studies. But leave it to Sarah Waters to write a character study that has completely won me over. She slowly pulled me in into the lives of these four characters and I enjoyed every second of it.


I have to say, though, that some things have been left unexplained due to the structure of the novel.


Above all, why did Vivian stay with Reggie?

(show spoiler)


The story starts in the year 1947 and then Waters moves backwards in time, first to the year 1944 and then to the year 1941. Having learned the stories of these characters and what they have experienced during WWII, I would have loved to go back to the year 1947 to spend some more time with them and the new knowledge about them.


Read for the Epiphany tasks, a book that has the word "night" in its title.