Sometimes I Lie - Alice Feeney

I ordered this book over an online used book store and when I got the confirmation mail, the first thing I read was this:


Sometimes I Lie: A psychological thriller with a killer twist you´ll never forget


My immediate reaction upon reading this was:




The book starts of with Amber, who is in coma, can hear anything that goes on around her and who tells the reader right from the get go that she sometimes lie. Put this together with the killer twist and you will get one of the most contrived books out there.


There is so much random stuff going on in this novel, which just doesn´t make a whole lot of sense. Because how much of this stuff can possibly happen to one person. We got marital problems, work place problems, family problems, OCD, a mental ex-boyfriend, a mental and slightly murderous, diary-writing child and everything is shoe-horned into one narrative solely for the purpose of not only having one twist, but multiple twists. 


What really pisses me off about this book, though, is the fact that we are told from the very first page that you cannot trust Amber. So I can´t even call out the author on the fact that a whole lot of this novel doesn´t make any kind of sense, simply because Amber is an unreliable narrator and how can I be sure that she is telling the truth. Putting an unreliable narrator as as a sort of disclaimer at the beginning of the novel - wow, that is sloppy writing in my opinion.  


At the end of the book there were some "Reading group suggestions", which gave me good laugh. They actually tried to give this book more depth than it actually has by asking some ridiculous questions. This book doesn´t have any depth at all, it´s the authors blatant attempt to jump on the "Gone Girl", "The Girl on the Train" and "The Woman in the Window" bandwagon and to milk the cash cow for a little bit.  


This was such a hot mess of a book. The only positive thing I can say about it is that it was a very fast read.