Passenger to Frankfurt - Agatha Christie

Based on my numerous status updates, it might not come as a surprise to you:


This book was bad and it´s one of the worst books I have read in my entire life. Such a pointless, confusing mess of a book and ridiculous beyond disbelief. This novel actually makes me question Agatha Christie´s mental health in later life. Because there is a lot of paranoia going on here: there are evil youths, a dash of a Nazi plot and a weird scientists. At some point I actually thought Christie would take a turn towards a zombie apocalypse plot. I was prepared for anything.


And yes, there is a main character, sort off, but Christie forgot all about him at the 260 page mark, just to make him appear again in the epilogue like an afterthought. 


There were some chapters and passages, though, that made me laugh so hard because of their sheer ridiculousness. So there is that. The story is still an abysmal one.


Having read this immediately after Sophie Hannah´s "The Monogram Murders", the question of "Which book is better?" poses itself. And as odd as it may sound, I enjoyed "Passenger to Frankfurt" more than "The Monogram Murders". Both books were crap, but PtF is the more entertaining book out of these two. 


Which means, I have to bump my star rating for "The Monogram Murders" down to a half-star-rating, because I most certainly cannot justify to give "Passenger to Frankfurt" more than a half-star-rating.