Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh

Here is the thing about this book: I´m intrigued by it, but after having finished one chapter, I´m ruminating on it for about half a day.


Not only have I to digest the things that are happening between these eccentric characters, I have to wrap my head around the language and the whole Oxford college situation, which is confusing because I know absolutely nothing about the college system in Oxford, its customs and schedules.


All of this doesn´t make this a book fit for BL-opoly. It´s a book I want to read slowly, thinking about it for a bit after I have finished a chapter and don´t feel pressured into reading it. Which I ultimately do, if I´m reading it for the game. And I would really like to read a book alongside it, which isn´t such a demanding read as this one is.


So this might end up being a DNF for the game, without me actually DNFing this book (if that makes sense to you). That way I could throw the dice once more tomorrow, picking a lighter read and I can finish this book at my own leisure.