Shutter Island - Dennis Lehane

I have seen the Martin Scorcese movie of Shutter Island, so I actually knew how this story would end. Nonetheless, I immensely enjoyed reading this novel and yes the book is better than the movie, again.


It is a gripping and unique read, full of tension and the strenght of this novel lies in Lehanes storytelling. The narrative starts slow and takes up momentum throughout the chapters until you´re barely able to put the book down. You are always having that feeling that something is off, but you just can put a finger on it. Who can you trust, what is real and is there a conspiracy within the hospital walls? There are a lot of questions and the reader is left alone in discerning what is real or not. And the ending is a special one, especially for those who don´t know the story.

If you are looking for a good suspence novel with a crazy feel to it, you can´t do much wrong with Shutter Island.