Crimson Peak: The Official Movie Novelization - Nancy Holder

Recently I enjoyed the movie Crimson Peak at my local cinema and I liked it, predictable and unoriginal as this movie may be. After reading the novel I have to say that it is a nice addition to the movie and it captures the feel of the movie very well.


The novel gives you more of an insight into the characters, their thoughts and feelings and even a secondary character, which hasn´t been more than a plot device in the movie, gets a background story, which I enjoyed a lot.The Sharpe siblings family history gets fleshed out too. I´m very pleased with the outcome of this, being the main reason for me reading this novel . 

There was a certain point of view that bugged me a lot, because it took a lot of tension out of the narrative. And I didn´t like the main character Edith in the novel, her being to needy, whiny and stupid throughout the book. In the movie she is a little bit more of a kick-ass-heroine than a "damsell in distress" and she has been somewhat annoying throughout the book.


Based on my gut feeling towards the book I´m only recommending this novel as an addition to the movie. I´m not quite sure how Crimson Peak would succeed as a stand alone novel. Maybe it isn´t supposed to be seen as one, being the novelization of the movie.

I would definitely recommend to watch the movie before reading the novel. There is one gory scene which everyone, who consideres to watch the movie, should experience unspoiled and I would prefer the movie over the novel any other time simply because it is visually stunning and a feast for the eye. The book was a pretty decent read, the movie however left more of an impression on me.