Stinger - Robert R. McCammon

Oh boy, I did not like this book. I deeply disliked every single character in this novel and I wouldn´t have minded it at all if everyone single one of them would have been killed. The bad ass freaking evil alien is in my opinion the best thing about the book and I´m pretty sure that this isn´t something that the author intended to experience.


The first half of the book, before the evil alien arrives, is too drawn out and boring. All the characters are introduced but as I said before, I do not like these characters. Needless to say that the first half of the book has been a terrible chore for me. Half way through the book the speed is picking up and the second part of the novel has been better than the first one. But this book is just way too long in my opinion and I really struggled to finish it.


But I have to give McCammon credit for the weirdest scene that I have ever read in a book: a cheerleader teenage girl, possessed by the evil alien and only wearing her underwear, emerging out of the earth in front of a bunch of drunk older men ... I could have been easily offended by this, but the way this whole scene is executed I just had to smile disbelievingly. And every now and then McCammon has these weird ideas and some chapters where really scary and these where the ones that I enjoyed the most.


But overall this book just wasn´t for me.