Pros and Cons - Janet Evanovich,  'Lee Goldberg'

This short novella is an introduction to the characters Kate O´Hara und Nicholas Fox, who supposedly have to team up in the first full lenght novel "The Heist" which takes place after the events in this novella. And since there isn´t a substantial plot to speak of it is really not more than a short introduction to the characters.

And I´m not quite sure if I´m going to like them in the long run. FBI agent Kate O´Hara is one of these unbelievable creatures who can eat like a pig without gaining weight or dying of a clogged coronary artery right there on the spot. And Nicholas Fox is, according to Kate, "the physical embodiment of her dream man" (I did some massive eye rolling right there). I haven´t learned much about the character of Nicholas other that he is immensely attracted to Kate. I actually expected this to happen before starting to read it, so this hasn´t come as a suprise to me. But I expect this whole series to be quite formulaic.

I´m definitely going to check out "The Heist", just to see if this turns into a guilty pleasure kind of read.