Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

I´m not sure why I like this book as much as I do. The story is a bleak and depressing one and yet I still enjoyed it.

Set in a dystopian world similar to ours Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are being raised for a single purpose at Hailsham, a school for special children, whose destinies are predetermined for them. Told by the adult Kathy we are following the lives of these three characters, how they are growing into adults, how they are experiencing love and how they cope with their inevitable future.

It´s especially the last bit that broke my heart while reading this book. The way these characters embrace their future makes me sad, because it all seems so futile seen from their perspective, not having lived their life to the fullest and wasting away their time with pettiness. 

"Never Let Me Go" is a short read and beautifully written. But be prepared for a sad story and there may be some (possible) crying in front of you, especially if you weep easily.