Death on the Nile - Agatha Christie

Whew, I didn´t expect this book to be that much of a struggle. I was bored senseless by the first half of it, but I really liked the second half. In the end I´m glad that I have finished it, but it´s definitely not going to be my favorite Poirot novel.


My biggest problem with this book is that it´s taking an awful lot of time until the murder occurs and Poirot can start his detective work. Up until then we get to know a bunch of awful, nosy and unpleasant people, who are miserable in their everyday life and continue to be miserable while being on vacation.

And then there is Poirot, who, being without a case, isn´t a very likeable man and his condescending and pompous manner is downright annoying. As soon as he has a case, I can tolerate his bad personality traits, because his mind is a brilliant one when it comes to solving crimes. But in this book it has been a long way to the point where I truly could enjoy his character.


Overall this book is an OK read, but two Poirot novels in a row is all that I can bear. I definitely need a break from him.