The Woman in White - Wilkie Collins

I really loved this book. It has hit all the right spots with me and there isn´t a single thing that bothered me, which would make my star rating be any less than five stars. The intricate plot is meticulously crafted and the characters are the most memorable I have ever encountered in a book. There is the heroic hero, who is in love with the insiped damsel-in-distress (okay, she isn´t one of my favorite characters), the villainous villians (Count Fosco is truly one of a kind) and Marian, oh my, Marian, I just love her. She is pure awesomeness.


I don´t know if everyone is going to love The Woman in White as much as I did, because let´s face it: this book is 700 pages of victorian storytelling and Wilkie Collins takes the scenic route in his narrative, since every little detail of the story gets explained by means of reports told by different narrators. I like this kind of story telling, but I´m not sure if everyone would feel the same way.


A truly great read and one of the best books I have read this year. Highly recommended.