Revolutionary Road (Audio) - Richard Yates, Mark Bramhall

I read Revolutionary Road for the first time last year and I was deeply impressed by it. It´s a harsh and devastating look on a dysfunctional marriage and on the lives of two people, who blame each other for their own shortcomings. If you are searching for a book that feels like a gut punch while reading it, you should definitely pick this one up.


After having listened to the audiobook, however, I have to change my rating from five to four stars, because the part in the middle (the whole "moving to Paris" part) has been to drawn out and some narratives of minor characters haven´t been that interesting as well.


The narration by Mark Bramell was pretty good, eventhough his narration of April was too whiney. I like to think that April is somewhat of a fierce character, who is perfectly able to give Frank the hardest time of his life (he certainly derserves that). The narration unfortunately didn´t give me that impression and I would urge you to either read the book and give April a voice of her own in your head or to watch the excellent movie adaption. Kate Winslet gives a sublime perfomance as April Wheeler.