The Man in the Brown Suit - Agatha Christie

Anne Beddingfield longs for adventures and she gets her fair share of it when an oddly smelling man gets electrocuted on the rails of the subway. In Anne´s eyes a man in a brown suit behaves oddly around the body and in pursuit of said man, Anne has to go beyond the borders of England to solve the mystery behind the strange accident and the ominous man.


A story about murder and espionage, exotic locations, a great adventure and a nice little romance. This book has all the ingredients for a fun, fastpaced and entertaining read and I loved it. 

The only thing I could complain about are Anne´s weird notions about her own gender:


"[...] But Papa always said that in the beginning men and women roamed the world together, equal in strenght - like lions and tigers-" [...] "They were nomadic, you see. It wasn´t till they settled down in communities, and women did one kind of thing and men another, that women got weak. And of course, underneath, one is still the same - one feels the same, I mean - and that is why women worship physical strenght in men: it´s what they once had and have lost."


It´s not enough to lessen my enjoyment of the book, but I couldn´t help but frown throughout her anthropological speeches.


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