The Power - Naomi Alderman

What happens when women all of sudden develop a power, which makes them physically superior to every man on earth? That is the premise of The Power and it´s surely a fast-paced and action-driven read. But this book disappointed me in certain regards.


But first the things that I liked: I liked the idea behind the novel. What kind of influence would a shift in power between the sexes have on the society / the world? It really makes you think what you would do in a situation like that. Would you use your power for something good or would abuse your power? Are women better people and morally superior to men?

The novel begins with an email correspondence of two authors, who are having a discussion about a book that one of these two has written. Said book is the actual novel "The Power". The framed narrative poses some interesting questions in the end and it is especially this framing device that made the novel in the end a decent read for me.


I simply felt that this novel has been to short. Told from the perspective of four different characters, located in different parts of the world, Alderman tries to give a sweeping overview what happens to the world if a shift of power should occur. And she tries this in 340 pages. There is not enough time to develop the characters, which led me to feel absolutely nothing for them and there is at least one character that doesn´t add anything substantial to the storyline. 

There is a lot of violence in this book and as the story progresses, the story gets more and more violent. I know that Alderman uses the violence to emphasise the central theme of her novel, but I felt like she was shoving her message down my throat by it. So I´m not a big fan of the way that Alderman has written her novel, especially since she builds up to a big climax in the end and then the book just ... kind of ends. The ending (of the fictional novel) was quite disappointing.


This book was ok, but I certainly didn´t like it. I read this novel for the Booklikes-opoly Adventureland 27. The initials of Naomi Alderman´s name is found in the word "Tarzan".


Page count: 340 pages

Money earned: $3.00