The Dry - Jane Harper

Federal Agent Aaron Falk doesn´t have fond memories of his hometown Kiewarra. Yet he comes back to attend the funeral of his best friend Luke and his family. Luke is supposed to have killed his family with a shotgun before committing suicide himself and yet the local police officer doubts this. Aaron ends up helping the officer investigating the case and the longer he stays in Kiewarra, the more he gets haunted by his own past.


I really loved this book, from the setting of the Australian small town, hit hard by an everlasting drought and heat wave, to the characters, who were realistically developed and felt like real people. The fact that this story could have happened in real life is something I really appreciate about this book, since a lot of crime novels are too far out there for my taste.

And the very first chapter has to be one of the best first chapters I have ever read. Jane Harper sets the tone of the novel in this first chapter wonderfully and I got immediately hooked.


It may not be the most original mystery out there, but it´s been a great and engrossing read. Highly recommended for every mystery reader.


I´ve read this book for the square "Frontierland 2" and people get shot in this book. And the police officers know how to handle a gun.


Page Count: 342 pages
Money earned: $3.00