The Victorian Chaise-Longue - Marghanita Laski, P.D. James

This short novella is about a woman in the 1950s, who falls asleep on a chaise-lounge and after having woken up finds herself trapped in another womans body. As she comes to term with her situation, she not only realizes that they both are having the same fate but that she has gone back in time and that it is the year 1864.


I really enjoyed this piece of psychological horror. Following the main character in her helplessness gave me a feeling of unrest and being trapped myself and this eerie feeling of not being able to do anything crept upon me while reading this novella. And the ending was just perfect for this novel, because it keeps you thinking about this book after having finished it.


I have to admit, though, I found to be the main character to be incredibly annoying. And this took a huge chunk out of my enjoyment pf reading this novella.


It´s still a book I would recommend, because it gives you an insight to how women (with certain disabilities) were treated back in Victorian times.


I´ve read this book for the Booklikes-opoly square Tomorrowland Station 22 and the main characters travels back in time.


Page count: 99 pages

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