Three Souls - Janie Chang

Leiyin has died and she isn´t allowed to enter the afterlife. Accompanied by her three souls, the ghost of Leiyin has to find out what she has done wrong during her lifetime and why she isn´t allowed to find peace after her death.


This book took me by surprise. Based on the description of the book, it could have been either a hit or miss for me, because I´m not the biggest fan of books with phantastical and magical elements in it. And I didn´t enjoy the first half of the book very much and to be honest, I almost DNF´d the novel.


The first 200 pages are about 17 year old Leiyin, the struggles with her father and her being in love for the first time. And I couldn´t have cared less, because I simply don´t like to read about the perils of a teenager. The author only hints at the historical backdrop in these pages and it´s not been enough for me.


But I read on and I´m so glad I did. Because as it turns out, I absolutely loved the second part of the novel. The struggle between Nationalists and Communists in 1930s China is fascinating and the way Janie Chang developes her characters is astounding. I even shed a tear or two, I became so invested with the lives of Leiyin and her family.


Sometimes it is a good thing to stay with a book that doesn´t win you over immediately. I´m certainly glad that I finished Three Souls.


I´ve read this book for the New Orleans 19 square of Booklikes-opoly and there is clearly a ghost in this novel.


Page Count: 468 pages

Money earned: $10.00