The Lincoln Lawyer  - Michael Connelly

Wow, this was such a great read and I enjoyed every minute of it. I´m not going into the plot of the story, but this book has everything that a good thriller should have.


It´s full of suspense, there are twist and turns, the bad guy is positively spine chilling, the main character is a likeable guy, eventhough he is a cynic and his attitude towards his work is morally grey, and the story will take you to unexpected places.


I haven´t been bored for a single minute while reading The Lincoln Lawyer and it has been one entertaining piece of literature. I have to read more of Connelly´s books in the future.


This book has been my 4th of July pick for the Booklikes-opoly. The main character Mick Haller is an attorney in California.


Page count: 448 pages

Money earned: $10.00