The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K. Le Guin

I´ve been dragging my feet with this review. Where to begin with it? First off, I really enjoyed reading this science fiction novel. I have never read anything quite like it before. The story is still lingering on my mind and it´s been a couple of days since I finished it.


Le Guin does an exceptional job in creating her world and her take on gender is fascinating. I really appreciated Le Guin´s view of humanity and the love between people and the love for other people and mankind.


It´s not an easy story to get into, though. Due to the way Le Guin tells her story, it felt much rather like a sociological study than an actual novel. In the first half of the book I felt there has been a distance between me and the characters and I couldn´t fully connect with them. In the second half of the book it got better and I basically plowed throught the last 150 pages. 


I´m glad that I have read this book and I´m looking forward to my next Le Guin read. 


I´ve read this book for the Booklikes-opoly for the square Tomorrowland 33.


Page count: 301 pages

Money earned: $6.00