Unmentionable: The Victorian Lady's Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners - Therese Oneill

Have you ever wished to become your favorite Victorian book heroine? Well, think twice, because you have to deal with crotchless panties, questionable hygiene and lethal cosmetic procedures.


Unmentionable gives the reader a glimps into the reality of the Victorian era and the actual facts and informations in the book are very interesting. I just couldn´t get past the tone of the narrative. Basically the reader gets taken on a journey by the author into the Victorian era. So imagine being your favorite Victorian heroine with the mindset of a modern woman and you get passages like these:


Oh, how you´ll miss your cherished bra collection on this journey. Work bras, sport bras, date-night bras, ans the fraying, soft-cupped "I´m not leaving this couch until I´ve watched every single episode of Downton Abbey" bras.


Oh, gracious. All this information is taxing you, isn´t it? I see that you´re frowning, trying to process it all. This is why no physian worth his two-year apprenticeship at sea will encourage heavy thought to trample through a female brain. Darling, your frown is causing wrinkles! Wrinkles!


I guess this has to be the laugh-out-loud humour everyone is talking about. I didn´t laugh once. And does the author think I´m an idiot, because she really gave me that impression at times.


3 stars for the subject matter, a half star for the writing style = 2 stars overall rating. Thank god that local libraries exist and I didn´t spend money on this book.