The Talented Mr. Ripley -  Patricia Highsmith

Rereading The Talented Mr. Ripley has been so much fun and it´s a book that actually improves during the second read. Knowing the basic outline of the story makes this a more satisfying read, because you can focus on all the fine nuances the story has to offer.


Tom Ripley is a delightfully creepy and amoral character (he himself not being aware of it) and following his sociopathic behaviour is a blast. From his point of view there is a kind of logic to his behaviour, everything he does makes sense to him and I couldn´t help but to be appalled and fascinated at the same time by his character. Since Highsmith tells the story from Tom´s perspective, I began simultaeously to root for him as soon as his lifestyle was threatened by outside forces and to keep my fingers crossed that he may get caught.  


There is nothing more I could add to my initial review, which I wrote two years ago when I first read the book. One thing has changed, though. I still have a strong sense of justice, but now I think the ending of the novel is perfect.


I felt a wicked delight everytime Tom experienced a bout of paranoia, that nagging feeling that he may get caught at all times. I hope he may live for all eternity in this state of unrest.

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