In the Woods - Tana French

I tried to read the German translation of In the Woods about 7 or 8 years ago and DNFd just about page 150. And I´m not exactly sure why I did that, because this book is really, really good. 


Sometimes I struggle with translated books and even though German translations in general are pretty good, the writing tends to loose something of its beauty during the translation (and don´t get me started on Danish translations, they are the worst). I´m pretty sure that this was the case with this book.


And I think I had to become a more avid reader to fully appreciate this book. 7 years ago I was still a casual reader, reading maybe 5-10 books per year and since this is a slow burning kind of read with a lot of character developement, it´s not exactly what I would have picked up back then.


Sometimes it is a good thing to revisit books a couple of years later.