The Island of Dr. Moreau - H.G. Wells

My second read for the halloween bingo that has wacky science in it and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy wacky science.


The story of Edward Prendick, who gets shipwrecked and ends up on the island of the mysterious Dr. Moreau, is a gripping and fastpaced and slightly disturbing read. I would put it in the survival horror genre, because poor Edward really has to deal with a lot of situations, where imminent death is looming right around the corner. Besides all the problems the main character has to struggle with, Wells explores the the world of science, how far a scienctist can (and should) go with his obsessions and what kind of responsibility arises from his decisions.


I listened to the audiobook narrated by Gordon Griffin and he brought the desperation of Edward Prendick to life. Classics seem to work extremely well for me on audiobook and this has been no exception.


I´ve read The Island of Dr. Moreau for the "Classic Horror" square and since it´s been first published in 1896, it more than qualifies for this catgory.