The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett

It isn´t a good sign for a book if the dog, who gets occasionally mentioned, is the best thing about the whole story. I loved Asta.


And that´s about the only thing I liked about this book. Having read Raymond Chandler´s Farewell, my Lovely about a week ago, I can´t help to compare these two books. Where Chandler´s work has a flawed, yet likable main character, a gripping and fast-paced story and awesome dialogues, The Thin Man has a bunch of lunatics wading through a story that didn´t grip me at all. 


If there has been some witty banter between the characters, I didn´t get it. Nick is a complete ass, Nora is bordering between being idiotic and smart (depending on her alcohol level, I guess), Mimi should have a ward of her own in a mental asylum and don´t get me started on her two children. The Wynants are the prime example of a dysfunctional family. 


I had a slight suspicion about the ending


Clyde Wynant being dead all the time

(show spoiler)

but in the end I couldn´t care less about this book.


Since I have read this for the halloween bingo buddy read, I´m allowed to use it for any square I want. I´m choosing the "Magical Realism" square, since I´m not in the mood for this genre at the moment.