The Tokyo Zodiac Murders - Ross MacKenzie, Soji Shimada, Shika MacKenzie

"What else? ... Holmes was a master of disguise, wasn´t he? He dressed himself as an old woman, put on a grey wig and fake eyebrow, carried a parasol and went for a walk. Do you know how tall Holmes was? Over six feet! Obviously, the old woman would have looked like a man - or a monster! [...]"

"Watson said Holmes could have been a very strong boxer. How did he know? Probably Holmes, who was addicted to cocaine, got violent and beat him up occasionally. Poor Dr. Watson! But he could never leave Holmes, since Holmes provided him with all the material for his stories. [...]"


Almost an entire chapter is dedicated to some serious Sherlock Holmes and Watson bashing by one of the main characters.




So much fun. This is such an entertaining read.