The Moonspinners - Mary Stewart

This was an enjoyable and nice read, containing beautiful descriptions of the Cretan landscape, a plucky heroin, a non-sappy romance and an okay mystery. The perfect book to cuddle up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, with a steaming cup of a hot beverage in one´s hands.


Towards the end of the novel Mary Stewart wrote this outrageous dialogue, though:


"[...] Oh, and she threw a rock at (insert name of the criminal here)."

"Did she? Good for her! Did she hit him?"

"Did you ever know a female hit anything? That she aimed at, I mean? She hit me," [...]


Well, a story written in the 1960s can´t do without some misogynistic behaviour, can it? Thankfully there isn´t a lot of it in this novel.