The Cry of the Owl - Patricia Highsmith

Robert Forester is depressed and the only thing that makes him feel better is to observe a young girl through her kitchen window at night. Robert stalking this woman is only the starting point of a novel, which in true Patricia Highsmith style is dark, twisted and deeply disturbing.


As in other Highsmith novels the life of a (seemingly?) ordinary guy takes a turn for the worse after making a wrong decision and throughout this book I sat on the edge of my seat, never knowing what´s going to happen next. And I love Highsmiths character and especially in this novel, she shows that evil lies in everyone of us, whether it´s someone you know or a complete stranger.


I can´t say that it is a particularly enjoyable read. As a matter of fact, it completely freaked me out. But it certainly is a brilliant Highsmith novel. Terrifying indeed.