Dark Matter - Michelle Paver

In one of my periodicals, there´s a paper by someone who´s worked out what we know of the universe is only a tiny percentage of what actually exists. He say´s what´s left can´t be seen or detected, but it´s there; he calls it "dark matter".


Would I have read this book before Paver´s other novel Thin Air, I would have given it a glowing 5 star rating. Whether it being the  atmosphere, the setting, the descriptions of the landscapes, nature and weather in the high artic, the creepiness of the novel or the characters, I loved everything about this novel.


But I can´t help being disappointed about the ending and I can´t go into any specifics, because of possible spoilers. So I will just say that the ending is nagging at me and I will give this book the same rating as I have given Thin Air.