Whose Body?  - Dorothy L. Sayers

This book is not what I was expecting and it doesn´t read like any other golden age crime novel I have read before.


Whose Body? is an odd CSI / Criminal Minds mix. Bunter taking fingerprints, the psychology behind the murder, the way Lord Peter Wimsey helps a witness to remember what happened on a particular day by using a special technique of questioning, I was constantly reminded of these TV shows. And Sayers has written her book in 1921. Colour me impressed. I really liked the mystery part of the book and I appreciated how gritty the crime in itself was.


Unfortunately the dark story and the jovial tone of the dialogue don´t go along very well. The way Lord Peter Whimsey talks (and he talks all ... the ... time) is exhausting and especially in the beginning of the book he is a terribly obnoxious character. It gets better toward the end of the book, but I didn´t particularly like Lord Peter. On the other hand his faithful servant Bunter is amazing. I´m going to read the second book in the series for him alone.


Whose Body? is not without flaws, but for me it has been an enjoyable read.