The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett The Interestings: A Novel - Meg Wolitzer Jaws - Peter Benchley Mistress of the Art of Death - Ariana Franklin The Big Four - Agatha Christie

The year is almost over, so it is time for my worst reads of 2017.


The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett:


Just reading this book must have made me drunk, because I don´t remember a whole lot of the plot. Some things I do remember, though. The amount of beverages in this book is insane. Nick is a douche, an ass and an alcoholic (whose favorite drink is the one he is drinking at breakfast). Nora is good at pouring drinks and carrying them over to her husband. One of the suspects is a real lunatic. Oh, but I loved the dog. Asta was the best thing about this book.




The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer:


I still think this book is completely mistitled. "The Uninterestings" would have been a better fitting title. I learned from this book, that the biggest and most insufferable Mary Sue character is the one, who is loved by everyone. And I´m so glad that I don´t belong to the upperclass. Because in my opinion, based purely on this novel, they suck.




Jaws by Peter Bletchley:


Secretly I´m still cheering the shark on to eat all these horrible characters. But I get why the shark is hesistant about doing it. Even a shark has its standards and he doesn´t want to have a stomach ache (these people can´t be easily digestable).




Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin:


The beginning was so good, the main character wonderfully independent and headstrong and then she ... fell in looooovvvveeeee. No, just no.




The Big Four by Agatha Christie:


There aren´t enough words to explain, how ridiculously bad this book is. The members of the secret criminal organization are freaking idiots and Poirot is horrible, especially towards Hastings. I would say this is Agatha Christie at its worst, but I have the slight suspicion that another one of her novels might be even worse. We had a fun buddy read for this one, though. And I just can´t resist, sorry:




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