Hyperion  - Dan Simmons, Allyson Johnson, Marc Vietor, Kevin Pariseau

I still haven´t gotten around to reading the sequel to Hyperion and it´s been some time since I read this book. So I decided to listen to full cast narrated audiobook. The narration is excellent and it´s been a joy to listen to the seven stories told by seven different voices.


I have to say, though, that I had some slight problems with some of the stories, especially the soldier´s and the poet´s tale.


As I have said before, the soldier´s tale is torture porn, disgusting and boring filth. I liked the story of the poet´s tale, but it´s full of profanities, a thing which I can hardly tolerate in the books I am reading. But apparently my eyes can do something which my ears cannot do: they can glaze over (I haven´t learned to shut off my ears just yet). I didn´t realize how awful these stories (especially the soldier´s tale) were, until I listened to them.


The detective´s tale and the consul´s tale aren´t my favourites, but I didn´t mind reading them. I liked the consul´s tale better than the detective´s tale, because the concept of time debt is an interesting one and because the fighting scenes in the detective´s tale were a tedious thing to listen to (One thing I learned from listening to this audiobook: I don´t like listening to battle and fighting scenes).


I loved the priest´s and the scholar´s tale. The scholar´s tale is heartbreaking and I can´t wait to see how Saul Weintraub´s story plays out in The Fall of Hyperion. The priest´s tale is the first story that is getting told and it´s terrifying and creepy. I really like the narrative style of this story and the Tesla trees are awesome.


On my first read I gave Hyperion 4,5 stars, but I´m changing it to 3,5 stars. I started The Fall of Hyperion today and I´m curious where the story is going from here