Lord Edgware Dies  - Agatha Christie

Christie´s books fall into two categories for me: the ones I enjoy the most are the books, where I don´t have a clue what is going on and who the murderer is. As soon as I suspect someone, it takes some enjoyment out of the story for me.


Lord Edgware Dies turns out to be a better installment in the Poirot series, because I was just as clueless as Hastings in this one. A lot of unsolved questions, a bunch of suspects and in the middle of it all there´s Poirot, whose little grey cells work overtime. Lord Edgware Dies is an excellent entry in the Poirot series.


What I enjoyed the most about this book, though, hasn´t been the mystery, but once more the Hastings-Poirot relationship (and this time around I will include Japp as well). I have to admit, a speechless Poirot is a sight to behold:


“[…] Why, it´s as plain as the nose on your face.”

Poirot´s hand strayed doubtfully to his nose, then his fingers dropped to his moustache. He caressed them tenderly with a proud expression.


“[…] Something may come to light yet. I know you don´t think so. You´re a pig-headed old boy, you know.”

“You insult first my nose and then my head!”

“Figzre of speech, that´s all,” said Japp soothingly. “No offence meant.”

“The answer to that,” I said `is “nor taken.”´

Poirot looked from one to the other of us completely puzzled.


This was such a fun and enjoyable read and for me one of the better Christie mysteries.