Crooked House - Agatha Christie

After having been abroad Charles Hayward only wants to meet his fiancé Sophia Leonides again. The Leonides family seems to be a happy family, living under the same roof. But suspicions within the family arise, when Aristide, Sophia´s grandfather and head of the family, passes away by unnatural means. Charles sets out to solve the mystery behind this mysterious death.


After having read this mystery I feel myself slightly crooked. This family, these characters, the reveal of the murderer … Agatha Christie did it again. She completely fooled me. I did suspect someone, but of course, my guess has been wrong. I love when this happens.


Crookes House is a great mystery and I want to reread this book in the future. I can´t shake the feeling that Agatha Christie hints numerous times at the identity of the murderer and that I simply have been too oblivious to notice these hints. She is magnificient at creating shady characters and throw suspicions on every single one of them, so I guess I had to much on my mind to see what´s been going on right before my eyes.


I have to say, though, that the character of Charles Hayward was a bit to gullible for my taste and his sleuthing talents lack considerably. But oher than that, this has been an excellent read.