Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry

I spent the last eight weeks with the Hat Creek Cattle outfit, going with them on their epic adventure, a cattle track from Texas to Montana. And what a journey it was. At times funny, at times exciting and at times heart breaking. This book made me feel so emotional and I caught myself welling up with tears more than once while reading this novel.


It isn´t a perfect book by any means. It takes about 200 pages before the story hits its stride and the way the (few) women gets treated in this novel didn´t sit well with me, although the depiction might be a realistic one for the time the novel is set in. And in one way I loved the bittersweet ending, but I would have wished for a more satisfactory ending for some of the characters.


Despite these faults, Lonesome Dove is one of the best books I have ever read and immersed myself in the world of Lonesome Dove.