Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire

This book didn´t work for me for the first 70% of it. The storytelling was too slow, there was no chemistry between Verity and her love interest (that´s my personal opinion), the ballroom dancing episode was weird and the actual threat had a very unthreatening feel to it (and don´t get me started on the cover. It´s horrific). At times I was even a little bit bored by this novel, despite the cryptozoological aspect of it. I really enjoyed reading about the variety of supernatural beings, especially the Aeslin Mice. They added a lot of fun to the whole story, besides being the cutest thing ever.


Towards the end I did enjoy this book, simply because the ending was fun. All the parts of the story came together and even Verity´s ballroom dancing skills were used in a memorable fighting sequence. The only thing Seanan McGuire couldn´t convince me of was the love story.


I might pick up the next book in this series, since I´m interested enough to know more about Verity´s family and the supernatural beings in the story.


Discount Armageddon can be read for the Cryptozoologist, Shifters, Supernatural and Terrifying Women. I´m calling the supernatural square.