Silent in the Grave (Lady Julia, #1) - Deanna Raybourn

I really disliked this book and it just didn´t work for me.


The non-existent and terribly boring mystery, pages upon pages of Lady Julia talking to someone about something not plot related, Julia, who is a doormat, and Nicholas, who is an ass, who make for the worst romantic couple ever, the romance itself (I guess there was a kiss at one point, at least Julia tells us so … not sure, though, if Nicholas has actually slapped her in face. All of a sudden she has a bruised lip) – the whole novel was a mess and I´m giving myself a pat on the shoulder for having finished this book.


And then the author reveals the most ridiculous fact about Nicholas towards the end of the novel:


He is a psychic and while he is having his migraines, he dreams about the future and terrible things that are going to happen in it. Yes, he is such a dream boat of a man.

(show spoiler)


Good riddance, Lady Julia Grey and Nicholas Brisbane.


This novel would work for the Darkest London, Amateur Sleuth, Romantic Suspense and Murder Most Foul square. Since the story takes place in London, I have read it for the Darkest London square.