The Running Man - Stephen King, Richard Bachman

I never would have thought that a book with this premise would be so bad. I know that Stephen King is a hit or miss author for me, but this has to be the book written by him I actually dislike the most.


The main problem for me was the fact that I couldn´t root for the main character, Ben Richards. And I have to root for the main character in "a man is on the run" kind of story. Instead I was hoping for him to get caught or die, anything to make this story interesting. Towards the end it got more interesting, but then this book turned into a completely unessecary and disgusting gore fest. Add to this the casual racism that runs throughout this whole thing and I´m just done with this novel. 


I have read this book for the Doomsday square. It´s set in a very bleak dystopian future.