The Colour of Magic  - Terry Pratchett

“Obviously you attack,” said Kring scornfully.

“Why didn´t I think of that?” said Rincewind. “Could it be because they all have crossbows?”

“You´re a defeatist.”

“Defeatist! That´s because I´m going to be defeated!”

“You´re your own worst enemy, Rincewind,” said the sword.


I´m glad that I already have read a few other Discworld novels before The Colour of Magic. Would this have been my first venture into the world that Terry Pratchett has created, I´m not sure if I would have picked up another book of the series.


This isn´t exactly a bad story, but it´s not an interesting one either. Especially in the second part of the novel the story felt disjointed and the most enjoyable thing about it was Twoflowers luggage, which is amazing.


Even though this might not be the best book in the series, I´m looking forward to all the other ones, especially the ones I don´t know yet. And this won´t be the last book that I have read for the Halloween Bingo. I´m claiming the Spellbound square with this book.