The Case of the Constant Suicides - John Dickson Carr

The Case of The Constant Suicides is a fun golden age mystery, set in the wonderful Scottish Highlands, with some fun and quirky characters and some weird scenes involving a fair amount of whisky.


The one thing this book lacks though is a decent mystery. Let me rephrase that. The mystery is a decent one, but the way the mystery has been solved lacked in my opinion. As a reader I want to be a part of the actual crime solving process and I haven´t been allowed to do that in this novel. Gideon Fell is on the scene and does a lot of detecting and he puzzles about the crime and what has happened and then he presents the solution of the riddle, neatly tied up with a bow for the reader. 


I´m not disappointed in the book, because I liked all the rest of it and I had the opportunity to escape reality for a couple of hours. But I have read better mystery novels over the last couple of weeks.