The Light Fantastic  - Terry Pratchett

The first thing that comes into my mind thinking about this book is "meh". I liked The Light Fantastic even less as The Colour of Magic. The story is quite similar in both books with its "the protagonist is going from point a to b to reach point c" approach, but what The Light Fantastic lacked was Pratchett´s wit. I didn´t chuckle once while reading this book and whenever that is the case with a Discworld novel, I´m really struggling with them.


But I know it´s one of his first books and he hasn´t hit his stride yet and I´m glad that I already have read some of his later works. Would I have started with the very three first books, I´m not sure I would have continued on with Pratchett´s work. And that would definitely be a shame.


I´ve read this for the 24 tasks as a book that has the word "light" in the title.