Portrait of a Murderer (British Library Crime Classics) - Anne Meredith, Martin Edwards

Portrait of a Murderer isn´t a about who has done the murder. It´s more about why the murderer the murderer has done the crime and if he is capable of getting away with the deed he has done. 


To tell the truth, I was about to quit this book after 50 pages or so, because the very beginning of the book, in which numerous characters and their respective problems get introduced, was a chore to get through. But then the story picks up and I couldn´t put it down after that. I just had to know if the murderer is able to pull of it and the insight Anne Meredith gives into her characters is incredibly interesting. This is definitely one of the most unique mysteries I have ever read.


I´ve read this for the 24 tasks as a book that is set on Christmas.