The Concrete Blonde - Michael Connelly

In this third novel Harry Bosch has to deal with the repercussions of the dollmaker case and him killing the alleged perpetrator, Norman Church. While being sued by the widow of Church, a body with the signature signs of the dollmaker is getting found. Bosch has to deal with this one question: has he killed the dollmaker four years ago, has he killed an innocent or is a copycat killed on the loose?


Another strong entry in the Harry Bosch series. I preferred the murder investigation over the trial parts, but Connelly seamlessly weaves these two story lines together and as with the previous books in the series, this becomes a page turner very fast.


There is still one thing that I don´t like about these books: Harry´s love life. Harry in love is cheesy as it gets and I really don´t like the (needy and clingy) love interest in this book.


I´ve read this book for 24 tasks as a book where something comes to an end (the dollmaker case).