Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  - J.K. Rowling, Stephen Fry

I´ve been listening to this audiobook since November and I finally finished it. It was a reading experience that I didn´t particularly enjoy. 


Stephen Fry´s narration is amazing, the story in itself is not and the only thing that saved this book from a worse rating is the narration.

My main problem with this book is that J.K. Rowling doesn´t know when to stop. In the first half not a whole lot is happening in regards to the actual story, it´s all about grumpy teenage Harry and Dolores Umbridge and just how horrible she is (which she truly is, but I don´t have to get it told over and over again). Almost 13 hours of this stuff is a whole lot to take. In the second half of the book the plot gets more variety, but I was so fatigued by the first half of the book that I didn´t care about the rest of it.


The good thing, however, is that I can use this audiobook for the Snakes and Ladders game as a book written by a woman.