The Silent Companions - Laura  Purcell

She missed him terribly. Missed him and hated him. How could he abandon her? He was meant to be her savior, her reward, the rich man who swept into the factory and fell in love below his station. She could not face the days ahead without him. She could not raise a child and cope with all the memories that stirred.


She is having memories of her dead husband, sitting in this dilapidated house, writing letters. And she can´t even have these memories, because she wasn´t even with him in the house. I´m not sure if the word "memories" is the right word for that. She imagines how he was sitting at that desk. Hmm....


Anyhow, she hasn´t even loved him. She might have come to love him, giving the appropiate amount of time. But in the beginning he is a cash cow for Elsie. And then he made the bad decision of suddenly dying. 


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